Sustainability and environmental friendliness are not only grabbing the headlines more than ever as Climate Change concerns grow, they are also grabbing peoples’ hearts as we seek to live more environmentally friendly.
The drive for using sustainable wood products in furniture manufacturing has been an area of focus for many years. Sourcing our raw materials from sustainable forests is important for manufacturers like Wilcare, and we know that it is important for the clients we serve.

It can be more of a complicated area than people would expect, however. Some sustainable wood products can be more environmentally friendly than others, making the area relatively confusing. With how many of these could be a part of peoples’ daily lives, being informed about them helps you make the most sustainable and ethical decision.
At Wilcare, we know the value in being as informed as possible before making any purchases. As leaders in using sustainable timber in our products, we understand the need to know more about them and how they can impact the environment.

The area doesn’t need to be as confusing as you might think. What is sustainable wood, and why should you choose it instead of its more traditional counterpart? Is finding sustainable wood products difficult, and what can you do to make sure they are?

Let’s get into exactly what you can do and why you should choose sustainable wood products. There’ll be no reason not to pick some up.

What is Sustainable Wood?

Sustainable wood is a material sourced using environmentally friendly and ethical best practices. Taken from sustainable forests, the timber avoids the damage on forests associated with logging. It also minimises its impact on local wildlife, which often relies on forest habitats  for survival.
The category also includes wood that hasn’t been logged and sourced illegally. This sustainable timber doesn’t violate any national, local, or international regulations, while also adhering to environmental best practices.
The top wood sourcing countries are:

* The United States

* Canada

* Finland

* Russia (suspended due to war sanctions)

* China

* Brazil

* Sweden

* Germany

Consumers need to look beyond where the wood is sourced from, however. If you’re looking for sustainable wood products, you’ll need to keep a few other things in mind.

Look for the FSC Logo
A non-profit organisation, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) focuses on promoting sustainable best practices in forests worldwide.

It encourages the responsible management of forests. Looking for their logo on any wood products is recommended before buying. The logo looks like a tick flowing into the shape of a tree.
The FSC is seen as an international standard for sustainable timber. It certifies that the material is sourced from sustainable forests. Only buying wood products from this category protects forests and ensures they can thrive for future generations.

You could think that choosing products from the European Union would be enough to certify this, given the extensive requirements the EU places on the logging industry. While it’s a good first step, it often isn’t enough. The FSC logo ensures it is sustainably sourced.

With Wilcare, you can rest assured that all of our sustainable wood products are FSC-certified. You can be confident you’ll receive a high-quality product without negatively impacting the environment.

Why it’s Important to Buy Sustainable Wood Products

Wood is one of the most common natural resources on the planet and is naturally found worldwide across a wealth of species. Its in-built characteristics has made it a popular choice for a wealth of products, which has led to more and more trees being hacked down every decade.

Forests are cut down faster than they can regrow. That brings with it a host of consequences. The deforestation that this has results in:

* Increased global emissions, which fuels climate change.

* Human rights abuses in the logging industry worldwide.

* Previously rich soils becoming barren.

* Animals that rely on forests becoming endangered after their habitats are destroyed.

Buying sustainable wood products instead of those not certified as such avoids all of these consequences. It provides an immediate relief to forests now while letting them thrive in the future. In time, this lets sustainable forests undo much of the damage being caused by deforestation.

With care, this can become increasingly more noticeable. Buying sustainable wood products is key to this. The more sustainable timber used – as certified by the FSC – the less unsustainable wood that’s used. Forests are able to thrive again while consumers still get the products they want.

That’s not to say you’ll notice much of a difference in the end product. Sustainable wood products are just as durable and high-quality as their unsustainable counterparts, if not more so. You can still put them to good use, and they’ll last you years to come.

The main difference here is you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing you’re having a positive impact on the environment. That comes at almost no extra cost. What’s stopping you from getting the perfect product for you and the environment?

Which Woods are Most Sustainable?

Hardwood and softwood are the two main types of timber and have different implications for sustainability efforts. Since hardwood takes longer to grow, it’s often seen as the less sustainable option. It can’t be replaced as quickly as softwood trees, such as pine and fir.

That’s not to say hardwoods like oak can’t be sustainable. Instead, they’ll simply need more care and will need a more long-term approach. While they still won’t be as sustainable as softwood, the likes of oak, beech, and mahogany can all be sustainably sourced.

That makes it all the more vital to make sure you choose FSC-certified hardwood. Failing to do so could reduce the natural resource faster than softwoods.

In Short

Sustainable wood products decrease global deforestation and avoid the environmental damage associated with the practice. Looking for products certified as coming from sustainable forests by the FSC is essential in making the most ethical and environmentally friendly choice possible.
With Wilcare, you can rest assured that’s  the case. Since we’re leaders in using sustainable wood in our products, you can be confident in anything you buy from us. You’ll get a high-quality, eco-friendly product at an affordable price.