Credit: Itv News
Credit: East Midlands Ambulance Service
Credit: East Midlands Ambulance Service

The first ‘dementia friendly’ ambulances in the UK have been launched by East Midlands Ambulance Service.

The four ambulances have been adapted to make them less frightening and confusing for people with dementia.

Some of the additions include:

  • The window in the ambulance is covered up with a calming scene that patients can reminisce about.
  • Staff can now play music in the vehicle from different decades that patients are likely to have positive reactions to.
  • ‘Twiddlemuffs’ – knitted hand muffs with buttons and ribbons that patients can fiddle with.
  • All front-line EMAS staff have had dementia friendly training.
Credit: East Midlands Ambulance Service

The ambulances will start service in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire on Monday (9 September).

There are plans for all 104 ambulances across the two counties to be dementia friendly by the end of October.

Continuously developing our service to meet the specific needs of our patients is vital and enables the response patients receive across the East Midlands to be of the highest possible standard.


East Midlands Ambulance Service respond to emergency calls from 43,000 patients each year who are living with dementia.


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