Pressure care Management


Pressure care management

Wilcare offer two levels of pressure care management:-

Visco elastic seating

  • Laboratory tests and clinical evaluation provide strong evidence to suggest that visco elastic foam will reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers
  • Ideal for long-term seating in occupational and healthcare settings
  • Clinically assessed up to managed high risk with positive outcomes
  • Visco elastic foam relieves pressure problems by distributing weight more evenly
  • Two layer design:

Visco and Gel seating

  • Features the above visco elastic foam combined with medical grade Dimensional Gel padding
  • Allows greater movement through displacement without compression
  • Enhanced levels of pressure care

Dimensional Gel seating

Dimensional Gel

Dimensional Gel

Wilcare chairs are also available in-built with premium quality Dimensional Gel seat pads, the ultimate protection against pressure ulcers.

Made from medical grade soft silicone gel and cellular in design for air-flow, Dimensional Gel contours to the body protecting areas vulnerable to pressure ulcers, keeping the user cool, comfortable, and protected at all times.


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