Infection control


Infection control

For Infection Control – Panvelle™ and Panvelle Stretch™

Panvelle™ – The market leader in waterproof contract upholstery fabrics, now recognised by the Queen’s Award for Innovation. The only choice for extreme upholstery requirements: unrivalled technical performance and a vast choice of designs and colours.

Features of Panvelle™

  • Flame-retardant to international contract standards.
  • Highly durable.
  • Completely waterproof, but breathable.
  • Anti-microbial and anti-fungal: Panvelle™ technical excellence ensures that cross infection is reduced.
  • Excellent colour fastness.
  • Easy-care.
  • Applications in many environments including healthcare, restaurants, hotels and marine.

Features of Panvelle Stretch™

  • Panvelle Stretch™ multi-directional stretch properties provide effective pressure relief seating when partnered with memory foam.
  • Warm and soft to the touch and available in a wide selection of gorgeous colours and designs.
  • The application of Aegis anti-microbial technology, coupled with a waterproof membrane barrier means Panvelle Stretch affords anti-fungal, anti-microbial surface protection and prohibits the growth of bacterial and associated odours, infection and cross contamination.

Upholstery Fabrics offer All-Round Stretch

Panaz has extended its range of flame-retardant upholstery fabrics for the healthcare sector with the introduction of ‘Panvelle Stretch’ and ‘Vyflex’. The result of extensive research by the company’s specialist Intelligent Textiles Division, both these patented newcomers offer unique multi-stretch capabilities, making them ideal for use with pressure relief foam in hospitals, nursing homes and other caring environments. Flame retardant to BS5852 Part 2, in line with current safety specifications, ‘Panvelle Stretch’ incorporates active anti-fungal and anti-microbial agents, and hence will not support the growth of bacteria such as E-coli and MRSA.

Care and Maintenance

1. Routine soap and warm water sponging is effective for ordinary soiling.

2. Fresh stains both water and oil based are easily removed using most water based household spray cleaning agents.

3. Antiseptic cleaning agents can be used and more stubborn stains may require a safe solvent such as Isopropyl Alcohol or Mineral Spirit.

4. Up to 10% bleach solution can also be used as a useful disinfectant (includes Haz-Tabs and Chlor-Clean).

5. Best cleaning method is ‘wipe & dry’ technique. Full immersion is not recommended.

6. Do not dry clean!

7. Use cold water to remove body fluids, hot water for plant or vegetable stains.


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