Useful Information

The maximum user weight on all our standard model chairs is 19 stone.

Should your chair fail to work you should follow the procedure below:

Check that the chair power lead is plugged into a working electrical socket and the socket is switched on.

Once this has been checked and your chair is still not working, phone the mobility retailer from whom you purchased your chair. They will be able to provide further help for you.

DO NOT ask anyone other than your mobility retailer who is an approved Wilcare repairer to attempt a repair on your chair as this will invalidate your warranty.

If you purchased your chair direct from our factory please phone us direct on 01446 772227 or email us on

Should your mobility retailer be unable to repair your chair the retailer will need to return your chair to our factory for inspection and repair.

In the event that your chair be damaged due to misuse your mobility retailer will inform you that any non-warranty repairs carried out by the retailer, or at our factory will be chargeable.

Should your chair be returned to us for a warranty repair and on inspection we clearly see that your chair has been damaged due to misuse, we will contact your mobility retailer to let them know the outcome of our findings along with a quotation to carry out all non-warranty work.

It is important to read the “TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF OUR 2 YEAR FULLY COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY,” which can be found in the News and Events section on the website.

The factory decision is final in all disputes over warranty claims.

Arm to seat height is standard at 7″ on all our chairs, plus the Trio Max and Trio Extra Max; the only exceptions are on the Max and Extra Max model chairs, which have a 9″ arm to seat height.

Pockets are standard on the Snowdon and Brecon up to 19 stone model chairs.

All Max and Extra Max model chairs have no duvet fitted as standard. If wishing to have one, then a request needs to be made at the time of ordering the chair. There is no upcharge for this. The Trio Max and Trio Extra Max  model chairs do have a duvet fitted as standard.

Vasco Elastic Foam is fitted as standard to the seat only on the following chairs: the Wentworth, Denbigh, Snowdon and Brecon Max and Extra Max, plus also on the Snowdon and Brecon Trio Extra Max model chairs. (For further information, please see Pressure Care Management)


Most of our chairs are able to be made in various fabrics ranging from fabrics that can be found in our standard swatch, to vinyls and leathers, and washable fabrics which are Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal, Stain Resistant and Multi-Dimensional Stretch.  If you wish to know more about them then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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