Our Coronavirus Policy and Operations

As a long-established manufacturer serving the healthcare, independent living, and associated sectors, the health, and safety of our customers, staff and visitors has always been the highest priority for Wilcare.

As a company we have long-established business continuity planning in place to ensure that customer service is unaffected by events including the coronavirus epidemic and these plans are now in place for your peace of mind.

In all our operations, our manufacturing facilities, offices, packing and shipment, hygiene, sanitising and constant cleaning remains at the highest level at all times.

Additionally, we are following all Government, WHO, and public health guidelines for personnel and building hygiene at our premises, to ensure your health and safety at all times.

In our manufacturing and shipping facilities, staff have received the latest training in personal hygiene and sanitization in line with the latest statutory advice to ensure that our products are not contaminated with COVID-19.

Strictly observing health and safety guidelines, we are ensuring that our production facilities remain fully functioning with admin and sales staff operating remotely thanks to our advanced IT and communications systems.

Whilst our sales team are not currently conducting external meetings, we are covering urgent requests for chair repairs.

Reassurance over our health and safety measures also extends to our shipping partners. We send all our products to customers by UPN, who have similarly put in place extensive health and safety measures throughout their operations in line with UK Government and Public Health England guidelines.

According to Public Health England (PHE), and The Royal Mail, people receiving parcels are not at risk of contracting the coronavirus. In addition, UK Mail which is part of the DHL Group have confirmed that there is no evidence that infection with any type of coronavirus is possible through contact with objects or packages, including those arriving from areas where cases have been reported (source: WHO, Robert Koch Institute).

In addition, although the virus can remain active and contagious in the human body for weeks, it can only live on surfaces for a few hours. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms that as with all viruses, the coronavirus cannot live long outside the body and only has a lifespan in a range of hours. As a result, Wilcare products you receive are immediately safe to use.

Future Updates

We are monitoring the latest developments on a constant basis and will update this page accordingly.

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