Fabric Options

Wilcare offers a comprehensive range of high-performance fabrics for rise and recline and static furniture. Our ranges, from leading specialists, meet the most demanding applications and interior design requirements, including woven fabrics, leather and vinyl. There are almost 300 high-quality fabrics and 100 different grades and colours of real leather. We offer waterproof materials which are easy to keep clean. This range and choice mean that you will never have to worry about the durability of the fabric being specified or in matching to interior colour schemes and furniture.

For maximum safety, Wilcare chairs upholstered in healthcare fabrics from Panaz and Agua are integrally protected against COVD-19 and other pathogens. Panaz healthcare fabrics are protected by ShieldPlus and Agua by AguaGuard 365.

Please Note: Due to infinite variations in different monitors, browsers and smart devices, fabric colours, textures and patterns may appear different on-screen compared to the original material. For a true representation, we recommend ordering a fabric sample from your nearest Wilcare Dealer.